EARS (Emergency Alert Response System) is a public communication tool developed to enhance the operations of state security agencies globally. All activities on this platform are monitored under highly confidential environment.

As a registered user on EARS, there are some personal information receive and keep in our database that is only accessible to ONLY NEED TO KNOW, well trained employees who has also sworn an oath of secrecy and oath of allegiance.

Information we receive from all our registered users are

  • - Username (which can be a pseudo name)
  • - Phone number
  • - Email address
  • - Password (to their EARS account)

We further receive some personal information as three phone numbers of your family and friends which is needful to be used during emergency cases. We send SMS to these three phone numbers to notify them that the user has added them as their emergency contact.

By the permission of the user these information is share with use to help the user during emergency reporting and response

  • - Location
  • - Device Name
  • - Device IMEI

Permission is asked for before your camera is turned on to take either a video or a photo to add as evidence during emergency reports.

All partnered security agencies ONLY have limited access to just this data only when you make an emergency report from the EARS platform to them

  • - Phone number
  • - Location
  • - 3 Emergency Contact number

EARS give full control to our users through our settings to limit, alter or delete the data we collect from them.

If you have questions about EARS privacy policy; on how we collect or process your personal data or anything else related to our privacy practices, we want to hear from you. You can contact us at any time on


Thank You